Monday, 14 July 2008

iPod Touch 2.0 Software

Not having the luxury of an iPhone (and unlikely to get one anytime soon) I decided to upgrade my iPod Touch to the latest version of software. I could make the usual gripes about Apple persecuting early adopters (you get the apps I bought in January for £10 free with this £6 upgrade) but it seems to be par for the course. Anyway, the download and upgrade went without a hitch but there wasn't a whole heck of a lot to see other than the App Store. So does the App Store make a difference? You'd better believe it! A quick look through the apps available begins to give you an insight into what the iPod Touch (and iPhone) could become. I downloaded a few free and paid apps to try things out. I haven't really been able to put any of these through their paces yet but I'll report back on what I find:

Advent (free) - The Collossal Cave text adventure (for those who remember it)
eReader (free) - an eBook reader linked to
Evernote (free) - the iPod client for Evernote
OmniFocus (£11.99) - a GTD application
Remote (free) - a remote control for iTunes
Sketches (£3.49) - a drawing app
Super Monkey Ball (£5.99) - I had to get a game didn't I?
Talking French Phrasebook (free) - I'm going to France later in the year...