Saturday, 12 June 2010

BlogPress for iPad Experiment

Whilst overall the iPad still continues to impress, there are some niggles. The web browsing experience is good and the extra screen real estate over the iPod Touch makes all the difference - as I had hoped - and avoids all that pinching and zooming; however, there are some sites that just don't behave themselves as expected. Obviously the absence of Flash is one part of this - although I haven't missed the crashing - but there are other issues and Blogger has some of them. The most obvious is that the blog posting page doesn't work properly with the normal text entry box not accepting input - you can only do it via the HTML entry box - and scrolling within the boxes is somewhat challenging. Given that one of my proposed uses for the iPad was write as well as read blogs and that both of my blogs are hosted on Blogger, this presents something of a problem. Enter BlogPress...

BlogPress is a blogging tool that appears to cover most of the main blogging platforms - including Blogger - and seems to address my posting problem. It isn't a free solution - currently £1.79 in the UK App Store - but it seems to cover what I need along with photo and video posting (not that I can generate either of those from the iPad itself) along with Twitter and Facebook integration.

This is my first post using BlogPress so I clearly haven't yet had any chance to find its foibles as yet but as I continue to trial it I will keep you updated.

- Posted using BlogPress from my iPad