Sunday, 10 April 2011


Stream by Whisperin' Al
Stream, a photo by Whisperin' Al on Flickr.


Blossom by Whisperin' Al
Blossom, a photo by Whisperin' Al on Flickr.

Back to Photography (and this Blog!)

I've not posted anything on the blog for quite a while (although I have been busy on my wargaming blog - The Wargame Shed) but recently I decided to take a bit more interest in photography. I bought a Nikon D40 a couple of years ago and have been using it quite successfully for the usual family stuff and blog pictures but I wanted to try my hand at doing something a little more interesting. A long time ago I started to get interested in "proper" photography with my little Olympus Trip 35mm film camera - but the wind was rather taken out of those sails when my car was broken into and the camera, along with some other stuff, was stolen.

The D40 is an excellent introductory DSLR and has a very good Auto mode but it also has plenty of semi-auto and full manual settings to play with. So I got the camera manual back out and started reading it again. Now I am slowly working my way up from using it as little more than a point and shoot (but with better glass) and using some of the features of the camera. This will be a bit of a journey for me and I am sure it will be some time before I start producing anything really worth looking at but nevertheless I have decided to share it (assuming anyone is really interested!).

I will be posting the odd entry about my experiences with the camera and some of the photos I have taken. Hopefully this won't be too boring anyway!

Test Photo

Untitled by Whisperin' Al
Untitled, a photo by Whisperin' Al on Flickr.

Just trying out linking the blog with my Flickr account